Monday, April 25, 2011

Stand UP

As I thought about what I could post to update this blog, I saw this video. My city is in a a lot of turmoil right now and we need all of the prayer and help we can get. I know that we are not the only city in chaos right now, but this is something that needs attention, quick. There is always negativity in the news about Flint with maybe a sprinkling of positivity, but the bad always seem to outweigh the good. There is more to Flint than criminals. We have super smart kids that are going places and doing positive things too.

I am proud to be from Flint, Michigan, always have been. Even when I moved away and I would tell people that I was from Michigan, the first thing that came out of their mouths would be, "Detroit?". "NO! I'm from Flint!" would always be my response.

There are great people that come out of Flint, always have been and always will be. We have the championship rings, trophies, Grammies and even an Oscar to prove it.  This video put all of that in one little spot so we can remember that we are are great, we are champions. Please pray for Flint.

Great job by The Remedy doing this video.


  1. Neat video. I am pretty ignorant of what is going on in Flint (being up in Canada). The only thing I've ever seen regarding Flint was a Michael Moore movie: Roger and Me. It is nice to know that despite hardship many people do succeed and do great things :) Great post:)

  2. Thanks 3Princesses. I am glad you enjoyed the post and I am super glad you took the time to stop by. Have a blessed day!