Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I love BRACELETS! For the most part, I don't think you can wear to many. You can always sort of tell a little about a person by the jewelry they wear. Conservative dressers normally stay away from the big beads, wood and whatnot. They tend to stick with simple chain bracelets or maybe a danty crystal bracelet. The more outgoing dressers will wear almost anything and mix almost anything. When I am helping someone with their accessories, I always take in account their build, size of their face and hair style. This makes a difference. If you have a petite person with a small head, face and short hairstyle you don't want to pick out earrings that are to bulky just because they may be going to a special occasion. It may make a statement, but more than likely they will never wear them again and you don't want the earring to over power their face. Now I love big and long earrings, but I can get away with it because I am large and tall. If the petite person wants something noticeable, then they should go with slender and long. Bracelets on the other hand, get a little more leeway. You can wear as many as you like as long as you pick styles that don't over power your size.