Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Items

Made on a lazy Sunday since I didn't make it to service. :(  Here's a few pics of what I have done today. They will be on Etsy soon.

SN: I need to sit down and make a schedule on how I am going to keep up with all of this internet activity, make jewelry, take, edit, upload pics, blog, fb, twitter, among other sites I have to check into and still go to work everyday.


  1. Great pieces...
    I agree there is so much more to do besides making jewelry...I have to set aside time to do "things" as well...I think most do.

  2. Mananaging can time between everything be hard! I've just learned to give myself pats on the back for the tasks I complete rather than focusing on what I don't LOL Cheers! Rachael

  3. Thanks for stopping by and yes, I am not going to focus on what I don't get done, because nothing that has to be done is life or death. I guess it just seems like everyone has all the time to devote to their craft except me, but I know I am not alone. :)