Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free Shipping on all Items at The Velvet Box

I decided to put the free shipping coupon back up and it will be on until ????????? The coupon code is FREESHIP. I have been working on some new items. Check out the affordable designs at The Velvet Box. Here is just one set that I finished tonight.
I needed to try something different and The Beading Gem reminded me of the tubing. I love this look. I think you will see a lot of tubing now... (giggle)


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  2. Free shipping is always a great draw for customers!

    I just noticed on the side bar everything you've done...what a wonderful list, all with some form of artistic aspect! I was a hair stylist for 14 yrs... :~)

    Enjoy the day...

  3. Thanks Azure! One day I'll be able to be creative full time! (So do all hair stylists turn to beads! LOL!)