Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here's A Give-A-Way

So I am looking for followers for this blog, more hits on my website and more visits to my Etsy store. Well I have decided to do a give-a-way. It's nothing new and almost everyone is doing it, so here is my contribution to someone's jewelry box. At first I was going to do a quiz, but I decided against that. So this is what I am going to do. I need 25 people to enter. What I want you to do is: 1) Follow my blog. That's the easy part. 2) Visit my Etsy store and 3) Visit my website Now the reaon for that is everything that is on the website is not on Etsy. I would like for you to pick two different items, one from the store and one from the website and tell me what about and/or why you like the items that you picked. Comment that to this post and you will be entered into the drawing. This is an honest marketing attempt. :) The deadline to post is May 3oth 2009 and the winner will be selected by June 15th, 2009. Here it goes, let's see what happens. Thanks for looking and may Goodness be with you.

If you win, this earring and necklace set will be yours!


  1. Matching earrings to Mango Candy from etsy, because I love the colors'!! And those green earrings -well because of their color of course:) Love your jewelry!

  2. good luck with your giveaway!!

  3. Thanks Mia, I am glad you like. and thanks Alice, for your support. I pray that it goes over well.

  4. Hello! Thank you for joining my blog! Your jewelry is beautiful - hope you get a good response to your giveaway!

    From Etsy I love this listing, which you call Cinnamon Drop. Why? Coz I love cinnamon, and Cinnamon Drop sounds like a tiny little treat - just perfectly small and nice. I also love the cute little silver 'window' where the drops hang. I guess I like the overall shape and color contrasts in this piece!

    From your website I really like the Collection Go-Go earrings. Wow, wood and metal together in a simple, graphic design! I loved the very tribal-looking shape of the wooden bead juxtaposed with the very urban feel of the whole piece - nice!

  5. Thanks Azra, you make it sound so exquisite!